Tackle All Your Pigmentation Concerns with PicoSure

The color of the skin is determined by pigments called melanin that are produced by specialized cells present in the skin. Sometimes the melanin production process of the skin goes awry resulting in producing too little or too much melanin, giving rise of skin pigmentation disorders. These conditions can make the skin appear lighter, darker, […]

Reduce Acne Scars & Pigmentation with PicoSure- World’s First Pico Second Laser

  Do you wish to get the clear, young and beautiful skin?   These days, it has become common to see acne scars and pigmentation on the skin occurring due to various reasons.  If acne scars, dark spots or pigmentation are coming in the way of your self-confidence, this blog is for you. In this blog, […]

The Descriptive Guide to Pigmentation Treatment

The Descriptive Guide to Pigmentation Treatment Are you looking older than your actual age due to skin pigmentation? The skin color and tone changes due to the acne scars, overexposure to the sun or due to old age.  There are different types of pigmentation which cause skin discoloration like freckles, birthmarks, age spots and so […]

Picosure Laser Pigmentation Treatment

Picosure Laser Pigmentation Treatment- The Gentlest Treatment to Cure Pigmentation Do you wish to revitalize your appearance by removing unwanted scars, age spots and brown patches on your skin? Melanin gives color to the skin but the excessive concentration of melanin of a specific area can lead to some discoloration. Not only this, excessive exposure […]