Treat All Your Skin Related Problems with PicoSure

PicoSure Laser Treatment

Treat All Your Skin Related Problems with PicoSure


 If you have problematic skin, we can understand exactly what you are going through. Acne scars, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles not only come in the way of your confidence, but also decrease your self-esteem.  If you are suffering from skin conditions, we bring to you an effective solution that can help you get a refreshed and younger looking skin.

PicoSure- A CynoSure Product

PicoSure is a product of the CynoSure. PicoSure uses a combination of light waves and specialized lenses to throw a burst of pressure waves that stimulate the repair process of the skin. PicoSure was designed to protect the surrounding areas of the skin from the damage. It leads to faster recovery and requires fewer treatments.

What Makes PicoSure Different from Other Laser Options?

PicoSure is designed to treat various skin conditions such as signs of aging and acne scars. Not only this, it is also widely used to remove tattoos from the body. There are several things that make PicoSure different from the other laser options available on the market. The most common reasons are mentioned as below:

  • PicoSure uses a shorter burst of light, which is usually in Picoseconds or a trillionth of a second. The aim of these light bursts is to reduce the amount of heat delivered to the skin.  Not only this, PicoSure uses special lenses which are used to convert light energy into bursts of pressure.  PicoSure does not damage the skin cells; rather the waves of pressure disturb skin cells to promote the healing process.
  • PicoSure is an FDA cleared treatment for acne scars. It works on many skin types including light and darker skin.  The duration of the treatment is as little as 15 minutes or less. However, this also depends on the area to be treated.  You would not feel discomfort or pain during the treatment.
  • Every patient is unique and so are the needs. Hence, we advise you to talk to your beauty therapist who would assess your needs carefully and offer you solutions that can meet your needs. Picosure is a popular treatment that can help you achieve a younger looking skin. It promotes the production of collagen without damaging the healthy tissues of the skin.
  • PicoSure treatment is so safe and effective that you can immediately get back to your work after the treatment. The typical side-effects of the treatment include temporary redness, swelling or bruising. The treated area may become slightly frost, which will become normal following 24 hours.

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