4 Questions You Must Ask Before Getting Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser Hair Removal Treatment

4 Questions You Must Ask Before Getting Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Have you booked a consultation with the laser hair removal professional to discuss your needs? But before you take the final plunge, go through the list of 4 important questions that you should ask your professional before getting the laser hair removal treatment.

Question 1- What type of laser technology do you use?

Laser hair removal process is constantly advancing and improving. Therefore, it is important to know what type of laser technology the professionals are using. There are different types of lasers available which differ in terms of comfort level and effectiveness. You can research on the Internet to find some of the best laser technologies and confirm if your professional is using one of them or not.

Question 2- Are there any risks associated with the treatment?

Since this is another important question you need to ask the expert. With any type of medical procedure, there are a number of risks attached. No matter the risks are huge or minimal, you should understand what type of reactions could occur and how to handle the adverse reactions.

Question 3- What is the downtime following the treatment?

You must have heard that laser hair removal treatment is non-painful treatment of getting rid of unwanted hair from the body. Ask your expert, what will be the downtime and what all precautions you need to take immediately following your session. It is usually suggested not to expose the treated area to intense sunlight, tight clothing, chlorine, waxing or perfumed products at least 48 hours after leaving the laser clinic.

Question 4- I am on a regular medication. Am I a right Candidate for the Treatment?

It is best to inform the practitioner about the medications you are taking or previous skin reactions you have had. Moreover, the professional will also ask you a few questions related to your medical history to identify the red flags.

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