About North Strathfield Clinic

At North Strathfield Clinic, we help both men and women to achieve gorgeous skin with a wide array of laser & Skin treatments. We are widely recognized as an authority in laser treatment industry. We cater to skin and hair treatment services in an ethical, professional and service-oriented environment. North Strathfield Clinic takes great pride in offering a wide array of quality and affordable Laser Hair Removal services. Our team comprising of beauty experts and laser technicians, who are certified and qualified from reputed institutes adhere to the beauty norms to benefit the clients the best. In nutshell, North Strathfield Clinic helps Australian men and women in keeping their skin in the right shape, thus returning the glow and luster, which were lost somewhere.

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Services offered at North Strathfield Clinic

At North Strathfield Clinic, both men and women can receive a wide range of services. These include mainly the Laser Hair Removal & Skin Treatments. The Clinic has carved its niche in the market as a trustworthy skin treatment clinic. Some of the services include the following:

North Strathfield Clinic Services at a glance

The North Strathfield Clinic offers a slew of skin and hair treatment, which are described as under:

At our clinic, we offer:

Laser hair removal

Unwanted hair at different body parts can be a matter of concern and can be a stigma over your beauty. Thanks to the presence of laser hair removal treatment at North Strathfield Clinic, you get rid of the unwanted hair giving you spotless and flawless skin that you can flaunt in your circle and feel the pride.

Men’s Laser Hair Removal

Hair can bug both women and men, thus at North Strathfield Clinic, we have the best hair removal treatment options for men as well who feel dejected with the presence of unwanted hair at their body. This ensures beauty among men as well.

Brazilian Laser Hair removal

When it comes to some permanent solution for hair removal, Brazilian Laser Hair removal comes at the top. This treatment helps in getting rid of hair from regions like labia and perianal areas without hampering your sensitive skin. North Strathfield Clinic assures the best quality Brazilian Laser Hair removal services.

Bikini laser hair removal

Laser is one of the effective ways of saying goodbye to the unwanted hair on our body. Bikini laser hair removal one of the ways of getting rid of the same. The North Strathfield Clinic offers quality Bikini laser hair removal services both for the men and women. Adopting the best methods backed with quality and accuracy, the clinic assures for the best results.

About North Strathfield team

One thing that makes North Strathfield Clinic the most preferred destination is its team. We have the best team of cosmetic and beauty experts who have ample experience and exposure in handling various hair removal treatment options. You feel comfortable and at ease with our experienced team of clinical colleagues, who are ready to offer a wide range of beauty and clinical solutions for hair removal. Most of the team members of decades of experience in handling simple and complex cases of hair removal. The people working at North Strathfield Clinic are qualified from prestigious beauty institutes, which talk a lot about their professionalism. They have the license to practice in this domain making our clients feel secure and safe in their hands.

Equipment we use

There is no dearth of competitive professionals and resources when it comes to North Strathfield Clinic. For every hair treatment service, the clinic has one of the best equipment and products that offer the best results. At North Strathfield Clinic, we use authentic products including pomegranate, blueberry, benefit, purity, and timeless peels. For the Microdermabrasion treatment, we use the ClairDerm procedure, which promises high quality, safety and a good amount of hygiene for the skin. For laser hair treatment, we use the latest Candela GentleLasePro.