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Services offered at Merryland

Having flawless and beautiful skin is everyone’s dream, men and women all alike. But that’s not humanly possible every time, especially not when you have acne on your face or pigmentation scars on your back skin. Having so many dermal issues not only make you feel like an outcast but also demean your self-confidence in the long run. Getting a new tattoo is quite exciting, but what will happen when you want to remove that tattoo? Have you ever thought about how not-so-painful the process would be? Well, if not, then at Merrylands clinic, we will allow you the first-hand experience of having flawless and elegant skin, with no scars, tattoo marks, or even flat spots.

Our professionals use variant equipment, which provides modern laser treatment services. As laser technology is becoming increasingly popular in the realm of dermatology and cosmetology, we have catered our services in this field only. We can guarantee that the process is not painful, and you won’t face any post-procedure problems. Our laser skin treatments are entirely safe and done only with the help of expert professionals.

Services offered at Merrylands Clinic

At Merrylands, we make sure to cater our services to both men and female, and only on the optimal level. We make sure that the moment you walk out of our clinic, everyone will marvel at how flawless your skin is. We do not predict our results and bluff our clients about the quality of our services. Instead, we guarantee the fineness of our services, with proper terms and conditions.

At our clinic, we offer:

Laser hair removal

We make sure that you can get rid of all the unwanted hairs at once forever, thus making your skin glow. We cater for every skin colour and every part of your body, whether it will be your Legs, Arms, U/Arms, Upper Lips, Brazilian, Facial etc

Brazilian hair removal

We ensure that our laser technology can target the root hair a directly, thus destroying them from within. We not only cover more areas on your body via this treatment procedure but also make sure to remove hairs from the pubic regions.

Bikini hair removal

Focusing mainly on the pubic regions of both men and women. Our bikini hair removal will help you in getting rid of unwanted ingrowths, expensive procedures, and so on.

Facial hair removal

Removing the hair from the delicate regions of the face can be quite difficult but not to our therapist. They can easily remove hair from your cheek bones as well as eyelids and the jawline.

Men’s laser hair removal

Unwanted hairs are a tedious thing, and removing them seems to be the best option. So, we are offering the best laser treatment for men’s hair removal, with a guarantee of no skin damage, no pore infection, and no dermal disease.

Tattoo Removal

Getting your skin inked is one of the favorite hobbies of most you out there, isn’t it? But what if you want another tattoo right across your shoulder blade where already there is an existing one? What will happen if you don’t get the best tattoo removal center? We are the answer to all these dilemmatic questions, which plague your mind and make you nervous about the entire tattoo removal process. We offer specialized laser treatments, which lightens the skin and after a series of sessions, your skin will get back it’s bright color.

Laser tattoo removal

Laser treatment at our clinic is optimized for removing the tattoos and the unwanted ink from your skin. Our technology is not only specialized in removing the general black ink but also other colours like blue and red. Avail the best treatment, here at our clinic to overcome the hurdles coming because of the tattoo you have on your skin. Our laser equipment is entirely safe, and no harm will be brought to your skin after the procedure.

Pigmentation treatment

You might not be gifted with clean skin, and that’s all right. Pigmented skin is a part of everyday’s life, be it dark spots or sun-damaged freckles. And that’s the reason why we offer the best pigmentation laser treatment to revive the original glory of your epidermal skin. Our procedures will give you a youthful look, which you can cherish without any worry. Erasing the age marks and wrinkles can be now done with a single twitch of your fingers here at Merryland’s clinic.

Acne scar treatment

No matter how old they are, we will make sure that your skin remains free of the various acne scars. Acne is a common skin problem, especially amidst the teenagers; curse the pollution and the hormonal changes. But we can remove the black spots left behind by the acne even after years with our specialized treatments.

Skin rejuvenation

The amount of stress you handle every moment, every day and every year is reflected clearly on your skin. And prolonged exposure to such causes makes your skin dull and lifeless, with loads of black spots, dark circles, and aged skin. So, it’s time for you to rejuvenate your skin with the best skin treatments available at our clinic. Say goodbye to skin stress and welcome the unblemished skin once again with full, open arms.

Services offered at Merrylands Clinic

Our team of experts and professionals make sure to deliver only the optimum quality skin treatments using the best laser techniques. We ensure that all your problems will be attended by our professionals, without any mishaps.

Our specialists are trained dermatologist experts, with complete knowledge about all the skin treatments offered here. So, we can vouch for the proper procedures of your skin, no matter what the issue is or how complex it is.

Equipment we use

We use PicoSure laser, whose pulse width is a hundred times smaller as compared to the pulse width of the nanosecond laser technology for our Skin Treatments and Candela for our Laser Hair Removal Treatments.