What are the Uses and Benefits of Cosmedix Peels?

Cosmedix Peels

What are the Uses and Benefits of Cosmedix Peels?

Benefits of Cosmedix Peel
There are a number of benefits of cosmedix peel. It speeds up the skin renewal process, enhances scar tissue repair, balances the over-production of sebum, treats pigmentation and even cures aging and sun damage. Like chemical peels, it does not pose negative effects on the skin. It is acid-free and is safe to use even on eye area to treat wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles. This peel is good at treating Rosacea and is excellent at improving the elasticity and reducing the redness of the skin.

What are Cosmedix Peels Made up of?
Cosmedix peels contain chirally correct ingredients. All the ingredients are filtered enabling molecules to communicate positively with the skin. In addition to Chirally correct ingredients, these peels use an exclusive encapsulation process to promote the delivery of the Retinol to the deeper layers.

What are the Side Effects of Cosmedix Peels?
Since Cosmedix peels are non-acid peels, therefore, they do not cause any side-effects on the skin such as irritation, discomfort or inflammation. It is an effective treatment for improving the texture of the skin, treating fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots, reducing hyperpigmentation and removing post acne marks.

Why See an Experienced Dermatologist?
The cosmedix peels are provided by physicians and dermatologists who have got rich experience and knowledge. The cosmedix metabolic peels are provided to address a variety of skin concerns such as oily, congested or raging skin.

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